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Imperial Roots

Green Circles - Head Wrap

Green Circles - Head Wrap

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Queens and kings time to show your royal roots to the world. We were born to stand out. No doubt while rocking this green and beige head wrap you will show the world your imperial roots. No matter where you go, whether you have on casual jeans and t-shirt on or the fanciest 'fit you will surely stand out in the crowd. You can pair this head wrap with anything you choose on any day. My personal favorite is using it on a casual day to accessorize and spice up a simple outfit without overdoing it. Then on a girls night out switching it up, using it as a belt to turn an ordinary dress into a staple outfit. The joy of this head wrap is that it is super versatile. You can wear it whichever way you want. It can be bathing suit, belt, top, or even a skirt. It is the perfect gift to give someone because you can't go wrong.

These head wraps have peach and green colors.  

Only 6 of these head wraps are available, once they're sold out they are gone. These items are not sold in stores. 

Please allow up to 2-3 days for this order to be processed.

Can you imagine yourself walking down the street and every once in a while you catch people glancing at you. Hmmm I wonder why you may think, and you look in the mirror and realize... That's right! I look fabulous! Regardless of what you're wearing, all you need is a splash of these vibrant colors to display you are no ordinary person! That's right... you have Imperial Roots. Wear this head wrap  like the queen you are.

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