The Beginning

The Beginning

My name is Ebun Akinleye Broomes and I was born in New York City. My dad is from Oyo State Nigeria, and my mother is from Ekiti State in Nigeria. Being the absolute Nigerian patriots that my parents are, they made sure that I and my other siblings lived in Nigeria for quite some time to learn the language and the culture. Besides the delicious variety of foods, one thing stands out to me in my memory – the Ankara fabric.

 Dad and Mom


What is the Ankara Fabric anyways?


The Ankara fabric is basically a fabric that has African Print. Ankara embodies everything African – the vibrant colors, durability, and Versatility. Ankara is worn by the poorest African and by the richest of Africans. It is deeply rooted in the African Culture.

There are different fabrics in Africa that represent different cultures, there is the Aso Oke of Nigeria, Kente Fabric of Ghana, Shuka Fabric of Kenya, the Bogolan Fabric of Mali, the Shweshwe fabric of South Africa, Faso Dan Fani fabric of Burkina Faso, Raphia Fabric of Madagascar, etc. Ankara is simply a fabric with African prints. They can be 100% cotton, polyester, denim, cotton polyester mixture, satin, etc.


If you search the word Ankara on google, you will see so many beautiful clothing, and fashion accessories. They can be worn for Formal occasions, in professional settings, and make your casual clothing look very fashionable.



For many years, I envisioned starting my own business, and I can think of none other than to make the vibrant African prints more accessible to everyone. If you don’t feel like wearing your hair out, and you need a protective style without looking “to’ up from the flo up” just wear the Ankara head tie and you will look fabulous. If you want to wear your hair out partially, and you either don’t want to show your roots, or edges, you can wear the head tie (either the half size or the full size folded in half width-wise) and you will be adding a pop to your style. Those who don’t want the head tie on their head are not left out either! You can use the head wraps as a shawl or a scarf and they can turn any dull apparel vibrant!
Join Imperial Roots on the beautiful Journey to make these vibrant colors come alive all over.

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