Some Iconic African Fashion Styles

It is commonly said, that ‘Mother Africa holds in its hands, the cradle of humanity’.

    Well, since the cradle of humanity is being held by ‘Mother Africa’, it is very normal that she holds some of the world’s best fashion styles as well, don’t you think?

     In Africa, fashion has always been a global language; one through which the diversity and richness of the continent speaks to the world. This is very reflective on how African men dress especially when they are in Europe, America or anywhere not Africa. These men take so much pride in donning their Agbada. Ask them why, and they would tell you, “You must let the world know who you are”.

    Contrary to popular belief, some of the world’s greatest empires started in Africa. And it is not surprising, that a colorful world of fashion coincides with such rich history. Every African textile and clothing takes us on a journey through the fascinating history of the African Motherland and its ancestors.

   We’d be looking at some of the most iconic and contemporary African fashion styles and their origin in this article.


   Let’s head back to how and where it all started for African fashion!

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