Trendy New Ways to Rock African Print

The ever-growing popularity of African fabrics has seen it inspire international fashion brands like Supreme and Dior and even celebrities like Rihanna, Beyoncé and Tracee Ellie Ross have taken a likeness to Ankara as they have been pictured on several occasions rocking it in their own unique way.

    Fashion is ever evolving so it is only natural that traditional African fabrics have been swept up by the winds of change. Gone are the days where a simple blouse design paired with wrappers made a style statement. These days, fashion influencers and designers have discovered new and more audacious ways to create iconic looks using traditional fabrics.

     Fashion enthusiasts have also gotten quite adventurous with their choice of design for African print. It has now become common to go to an event, film premiere or any high society event and see fashion-forward dressers clad in unique new Ankara designs ranging from jumpsuits, off -shoulder gowns, dresses with thigh-high slits and so much more.

    The African print has found its way into many people’s wardrobes. Women, especially, are embracing the print in a variety of styles, ranging from dresses to blazers and pants, and even shoes! It doesn’t matter if it is a casual Friday at the office, or a small dinner party hosted by friends, the African print, can be worn anywhere, anytime!

   Below are tips on how you can rock the African print:

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